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Drawing in Landscape-Marise Riddell (ONLINE)


Drawing the Landscape (ONLINE)
This class will explore landscape drawing using different mediums such as charcoal, pastels, ink and wash and graphite. All of these mediums are very portable and good for traveling and capturing landscapes along the way. You will be encouraged to keep a sketchbook for your weekend getaways or vacation trips. In class, you will use your photos from previous trips to capture your version of the landscape. Instructor: Marise Riddell
Classes will be held virtually through Zoom. Students must have their own Zoom account and MPA will provide some basic instruction on how to use Zoom for the class. While instructors have recommended supply lists, we understand that at this time it is difficult to get all the recommended supplies. Modifications to supplies will be fine.
6 lessons @ 3 hrs, $260.00
6615.320           Tues, 4/21-5/26     1-4 p.m.

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