Continuing Drawing


For both beginning and continuing students seeking to improve their skills. Hone your drawing and observational skills in this dynamic class as you draw from life and subjects of your choice. Gesture, line, proportion, mass, volume, value, tone, perspective, and shading will be covered. This class will provide a strong foundation for any level. Optional prerequisite: I’ve Never Held a Pencil: Drawing for Beginners.
All information from the instructor about the course, materials, and topics can be found here: "Everything about Continuing Drawing at MPA this Winter"

Instructor: Aletha Kuschan

9 lessons @ 2 hrs, $260/235 MCC district residents

6606.317           Tu, 1/17-3/14                 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. 

Materials needed:

For the first class bring:  the pencil, sketch pad 14 x 17, the small notebook, Bic Cristal pens and the white Conte (or equivalent)

  • One Graphite pencil standard #2 (Dixon Ticonderogas or other brand) the pencil is good if it makes a reasonably dark mark
  • a hand held pencil sharpener
  • Generals charcoal pencils  (soft, med, hard)
  • Vine charcoal (about five sticks, it goes fast)
  • Bic cristal blue ball point pen (cheapest and most supple drawing tool ever)
  • small notebook (any ordinary dime store brand or type, lined paper is fine, easy to carry around) 8.5 x 11 or smaller
  • Blick Sketch paper 14 x 17″ (comparable brand is okay too) “sketch” paper should have a medium tooth. It’s an economy grade and is usually lighter weight than drawing paper.
  • one stick compressed charcoal
  • assorted scrap papers of various kinds (envelopes, grocery bag fragments, copier paper, any color, whatever you’ve got lying around) 11 x 14ish, 9 x 12ish and smaller
  • one watercolor brush of small to medium size, one small saucer and a tube (or cake) of black watercolor
  • one stick of white soft Conte or stick of white soft-to-medium pastel (e.g. Nupastel, Rembrandt, similar texture) or bottle of White-out (whatever is easiest or cheapest to obtain)
  • hand-held mirror (for class number 5 only)


Other  somewhat OPTIONAL,  very OPTIONAL, and other OPTIONAL items:

  • one stick of dark pigment soft pastel (burnt umber or other very dark shade -e.g.  Blick Green Grey 4, blue grey 4, purple grey 4 or similar)
  • one stick of raw sienna soft pastel
  • Strathmore drawing paper pad 400 Series medium tooth 14 x 17 inches
  • Strathmore sketch toned paper cool grey or warm tan (your choice/your size)
  • drawing pencil set (any brand) includes a range of soft pencils (Bs)
  • tracing paper pad 9 x 12
  • FORAY™ Dry-Erase Board With Plastic Frame, 18″ x 24″, White (available at Office Depot) and dry erase pen
  • Ipad device or similar (if you already have one)
  • paper towels, latex gloves (if you want to keep hands clean)


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