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New: Kolam (Virtual)--Shanthi Chandrasekar


NEW: Kolam (Virtual)

Tamil women from India often begin their day and sometimes end it by drawing Kolams. Kolams are drawn on the ground just outside the front door of houses using rice or rock powder. These repeating patterns have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries, and symbolize the scientific and philosophical patterns innate to and infinite throughout the cosmos. Drawing Kolams, especially the complex ones, can be meditative and healing. In this class, you will learn how to draw Kolams on paper, starting with simple exercises and eventually moving on to more complex patterns. The participants will also create an accordion fold book with the Kolams they learned. Instructor: Shanthi Chandrasekar

5 lessons @ 1.5-hrs., $190
6602.222 M, 10/31-11/28 10:30am-12pm
All Zoom classes will be recorded for student use only.
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